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White Desert Safari camping tour from Cairo

Escape to nature and sleep under the stars in a unique experience. White desert camping tour from Cairo starts from your pick up from your hotel driving through Egypt western desert to Baharia Oasis. After exploring the desert travel by 4x4 jeep to the White desert passing through the black desert and the crystal mountain and the English mountain. Enjoy barbecue dinner and sleep in your tent our under the stars. 

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Egypt Travel Tips and Tour Info by Deluxe Tours Egypt

Get inspirational ideas about trips to Egypt form travel experts. Deluxe travel has compiled valuable information for travelers to Egypt about main attractions, what to eat, best things to do, where to sleep and much more. With a variety of recommended Nile Cruise holidays and Egypt tours packages. Egypt and Jordan vacations are also provided in details.

Interesting articles about trips to Egypt- Know before you go

Every tourist have millions of questions in mind before visiting Egypt. What should I wear in Egypt? what are the best attractions in Egypt? Where to stay? where to eat? how much to spend and more. Deluxe Tours Egypt has compiled a variety of articles that will help the traveler to Egypt find answers to his questions.

Pyramids Day Tour

Every person has dreamed of visiting the Pyramids and to stand at the foot of one of the wonders of the world. Every student dreamed of taking a memorable photo infront of the the Sphinx and riding a camel in the desert. With a variety of Cairo tours and holidays get the chance to make your dreams come true. Pyramids day tours and excursions.

Deluxe Travel Egypt

Deluxe Travel Egypt is one of the premier Egyptian travel agencies providing top notch holidays and travel experiences for travelers to Egypt. With a wide variety of Egypt travel packages you will be able to select the best Egypt tours that suits your budget and requirements.

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Deluxe Tours Egypt

A licensed Egyptian travel agency that manages tours and activities in all Egypt destinations. One of the best tour operators in Egypt. 


Best Egypt Tours from Travel Professionals

Did you ever dreamed of seeing wonders of ancient Egypt? In this article we will explain why Egypt tour is fundamental for any traveler.

Today's Egypt does not have much to do with Pharaonic Egypt or with Ottoman Egypt, and at the same time it is a summary of all the people who have populated its particular geography. The current, complex situation is not fair with the hospitality of its people and the Egyptian cultural and historical wealth. Despite the problems, Egypt remains a popular destination for many tourists and travelers. From here we will try to show the Egyptian, without hiding anything, being fair to the country and its inhabitants.


Egypt, the legendary country of the pharaohs is the first tourist destination in Africa. Its sites from the Egyptian and Roman times attract thousands of tourists. Luxor , Karnak , Gizeh , the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel , are names known throughout the world, landmarks that the Nile, the great African river, unites. Both its monuments, many of them heritage and UNESCO , as well as its mestizo culture are the result of an ancient history, of its crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.


The result is Egypt, its Arab and African culture , its markets and souks; the capital Cairo , (full of animation and museums), or Alexandria which was the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean. But in addition, Egypt is its desert and its oases , and the Red Sea coast , destination for divers and wildlife lovers. And Egypt is also the Suez Canal and the Sinai Peninsula, places of history, of struggle between nature and man, Egypt, modern and ancient, bridge between Asia, Africa and Europe.

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